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Industrial IOT Gateway: BL102,BL110, also called PLC IoT Gateway, IIOT Gateway, Embedded OPC server, OPC UA Gateway, connect multiple PLC to Cloud Platform or OPC Server. compatiable with AWS, Thingsboard, IgnitionSCADA, etc. Widely used in Industrial IoT Applications. e.g.: Smart City, Smart Power Distribution, Smart Factory, Smart Manufacturing, Factory Digital Transformation, SCADA, MES, Smart Energy, etc.

Modbus to MQTT Gateway: BL100,BL101, also called Modbus Gateway, MQTT Gateway, convert Modbus RTU/TCP to MQTT/OPC UA Protocol, compatiable with AWS, Thingsboard, IgnitionSCADA, etc.

Ethernet I/O Modules: M160T, also called MQTT I/O Modules, Modbus TCP I/O Modules, Remote I/O Modules.  Compatible with MQTT,Modbus RTU,Modbus TCP protocols, transmit data over Ethernet or RS485 to Cloud Platform,SCADA,DCS, HMI,PLC.



  • IIOT Gateway-OPC UA Server-IgnitionSCADA Gateway-PLC IoT Gateway
  • PLC Gateway
  • modbus to mqtt gateway
  • Industrial IoT gateway
  • Ethernet IO Module

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  • PLC to MQTT Gateway
  • Industrial IOT Gateway
  • IIOT Gateway BL110

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BeiLai Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on PLC IoT Gateway, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway, OPC gateway, Embedded OPC Server,IIoT gateway, industrial IoT gateway, industrial Ethernet IO module, OPC UA I/O module, MQTT IO remote I/O data acquisition module, R&D and manufacturing of industrial edge computing gateways and other products. “Ba &Re” is the brand of King Pigeon Technology Co., Ltd. that focuses on industrial IoT gateways. It aspires to become a respectable manufacturer of industrial IoT gateways. The escort of globalization, digital transformation, and industrial Internet of Things links. Barium is one of the most active chemical elements, implying the courage to innovate; rhenium is the last chemical element discovered by mankind, implying the latest, cutting-edge, and exploration.
Enterprise Positioning: Professional Manufacturer of Industrial IoT Gateway
Corporate Vision: to be a respectable manufacturer of industrial IoT gateways!
Corporate Mission: to escort the reliable links of the industrial Internet of Things!

Company News

Industrial IOT Edge Gateway BL102: Make Industrial Internet of Things Easier

Industrial IOT Edge Gateway BL102: Make Industrial Internet of Things Easier With the development of the Industrial Internet of Things, the amount of data generated by industrial equipment is increasing, which brings great bandwidth resources and data processing pressure to the cloud platform and...

Convert PLC to Modbus RTU Modbus TCP MQTT OPC UA

Convert PLC to Modbus RTU/TCP MQTT OPC UA For many system engineers, current management systems generally use Modbus protocol for communication, but now many PLCs do not support Modbus protocol, which brings a lot of workload to system integration engineers. Now, through the BL102 PLC to Modbus p...

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